How to Adjust a Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor

The Poulan chain saw is a lightweight machine powered by a two-cycle gasoline engine. The carburetor helps in mixing the fuel with the right amount of air before passing it into the combustion chamber for the spark plugs to ignite and drive the engine pistons, which will drive the chain.

Most people do not know that in as much the chain saw is sold with factory defaults, you can make some adjustments to suit your work environment. When considering making these adjustments ensure that you or the person handling the carburetor is a licensed technician who will not damage the engine of your chainsaw.

Tools You Will Need

  • A Philips screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver

Adjust Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor:

Locating the Screws

The correct position of the Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor is under cover of next to the top of the engine. Use a T-27 screwdriver to access the adjustment screws found on the left side of the engine when facing you. They are three screws, two of which are protected by a plastic guard.

Identify the scores marked “T” that handles fuel adjustments when the engine is idling. Of the two that are underneath. For the other two screws, the one on the left adjusts fuel mixture when the engine is running at low speed, and the one on the right makes the adjustments when the engine is at high speed.

You will find the three screws on any Poulan chainsaw using a carburetor.

Making the Idle Adjustments

Remove and clean the air filter before adjusting the carburetor. Failure to do that will make the mixture too rich. Take the filter back in and start the saw, turn the “T” screw counterclockwise to increase fuel mixture and the idle speed, the counterclockwise turn decreases both acceleration and fuel mixture. When the idle is smooth, the chain will not spin.

Other Adjustments

If you are using the manual that comes with the product, the manufacturer recommends such adjustments to be handled by an approved technician. Despite all this, there is no harm in making adjustments in the low-speed screw.

Start the saw and turn the screw clockwise until the engine begins to stall for lack of fuel, and then turn off using the screw until the engine stops because of too much fuel. The ideal setting should be somewhere in the middle between the start and off point.

Adjust the high-speed screw in the same way while fully engaging the throttle. Remember that adjusting the screw wrongly can burn the engine; therefore, if you are not sure, let the professionals handle the task.

Safety Tips

The Poulan chain saw should be on a flat surface with the chain hanging to avoid moving parts coming into contact with anything.

Always wear protective clothing including safety glasses and closed shoes.

The carburetor has two other adjustments screws enclosed by guards to prevent making adjustments. You are encouraged to adjust the saw if it runs rough to a certified professional or do it if you are qualified.

Adjustments should only take place when no one else is present to interfere with the work in progress.

Preparing the Saw

For excellent and efficient service, your saw needs preventive maintenance and good storage practice. Properly sharpened teeth cut through quickly and smoothly and enhance your safety.

Make sure that the filter is clean. Spark plugs are useful when you have an efficient and better running engine.

Before any work, make sure that the chain has proper tension to give long life. A loose chain will derail and may be a threat to your when using it. A tight chain wears prematurely. So frequent checks of the chain and timely re-adjustments is recommended.

Final Word

When moving the saw to different locations ensures that the fuel cap is always on the same level as the saw. The surface should be stable enough to avoid oil or fuel spillage. If you can use a carrying case or a chain guard, you will be protecting the chain and yourself from danger.

If you do not intend to use the Poulan Chainsaw anytime soon, drain the fuel tank and place it in a well-ventilated area. Run the saw in idle to remove all the remaining fuel from the tank. Unhook the chain and store it in an oil container. Disconnect the spark plugs to make sure the generator is completely off.