How to Cut PVC Pipe with a Miter Saw

Projects made from PVC pipes will require that you cut the pipes. You can use cutting tools to simplify the process. To get the best results, you need very simple tools such as hacksaws, pipe cutters, and miter saws, etc.

If you love PVC projects, you must know that there are three broad methods used to customize the plastic.

  • Using the Miter Saw.
  • Using the hacksaw.
  • Using the pipe cutter.

In this guide, we are going to give an exclusive review on how to use the miter saw.

Using the Miter Saw

The miter saw is an extremely dangerous tool that can cause fatal injuries if not well handled. Make sure that you have read all the instructions and that you have enough experience in dealing with it. Failure to follow instructions may lead to bodily harm or cause death.

Steps to Follow

  • Use the tape measure and marking tools to mark the points of cutting.
  • Line up the cut next to the miter saw throat plate.
  • Secure the pipe to the saw blade with clamps to the miter saw fence. At this point do not use your hands, try to use a pipe clamp with curved face to make sure it holds the pipe in place.
  • Pull the trigger attached to the switch to bring the miter saw down inside and through the pipe. Bring the miter saw through the pipe, afterward, release the switch trigger. Let the blade stop spinning before removing the pipe and raising the blade.

Pipe Clean up After Cutting


  • If you used a handsaw such as hacksaws, there is a back and forth motion of the saw that creates a blunt edge where the cut took place. The rough edge is known as burrs, which are simply the small pieces that show up when the PVC pipe is cut through sawing action.
  • These burrs can be annoying and if left unattended can lead to scratches and make a mess when handling the PVC pipe. To deburr the cut, use any of the following three methods:
  • Purchase a deburring tool using a tapered cone that spins inside the pipe in a back and forth motion to remove the burrs.
  • Use a construction, pocketknife, or a box knife and run it on the inside along the edges of the pipe.
  • Choose heavy grade sandpaper and run it inside the pipe to smoothen the burrs and force them to fall off.

Things to Avoid When Cutting PVCs

Get the Right Cutting Tool

In as much cutting, a PVC pipe may look like basic cutting. Not all cutting methods are approved to carry out the task.  You need to confirm if the cutting tools you have can help you cut the PVC pipe.

Use a Power tool by Securing the PVC

Secure the PVC pipe before using a power tool that requires you to insert the pipe into the blade. The curvature of the pipe and the difficulty involved in maintaining a secure hold means that you need to find a permanent solution by securing it.

Remember that wrong positioning or lack of it may make the blade bounce off the pipe, which will lead to bouncing off the pipe from the work area leading to injuries. Some power tools such as table saws or band saws may cause the PVC to kickback, or chippings falling off old and brittle pipes.

The use of power tools such as miter saws, jigsaws, or circular saws requires the clamping if the pipe on a surface and moving the blade into the pipe.

Do not Use Tools Made for Wood Cutting

A standard wood saw is not a good choice when it comes to PVC pipe cutting. For example, hacksaws have thinner blades and cut more pieces whereas the wood saws have large sets of teeth and a thick blade. The larger the teeth, the more inappropriate it is for cutting into a PVC pipe leading to more unnecessary work.

Do not use abrasive tools such as sandpapers when cleaning surface furniture grade PVC. This action will cause scratches on the item’s surface further leading to swirling appearing in the surface of the pipe. The swirling effect leaves a dull finish thus reducing the value of the item.

Avoid the use of household cleaners, unless you are removing dirt. Regular household cleaners and bleaching agents cannot remove stains or printing done on the PVC surface.

Final Word

The guide is supposed to help you understand the various ways of cutting and handling PVC pipes. You will notice that there are several methods available for cutting the pipe and here we specifically chose to give a comprehensive view of the Miter saw.

A miter saw is an excellent tool for cutting without wasting the pipe, and it makes the cutting process easy. We welcome your questions or suggestions on how to cut a PVC pipe with a miter saw; feel free to use the comment box below.