The Best String Trimmer Line of 2022 – Top 10 Picks

A beautiful yard is something most people yearn for. To get that, you need a weed whacker or string trimmer. Whether cordless or electric, a trimmer makes the perfect tool for landscaping and although a lawnmower can do the job, it cannot reach intricate spots.

In this review, we are going to talk about a part of the tool that most people disregard – a trimmer line. Like most people, you may not have given a lot of thought to it, but the weed eater string you pick has a lot to do with the results you get.

Get the best trimmer line and watch your landscaping projects turn into masterpieces and do not worry if you have no idea how to shop for the same. We are here for that.

Comparison Table for the Best Trimmer Line

Before we go any further, we would like to let you know that we aim to be as comprehensive as possible with this article. We know that you may not be in a position to read the whole of it.

That is why we have put together the following comparison table to help you make an informed and rapid choice.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Oregon Magnum Gatorline Trimmer LineOregon3.1 pounds
2Desert Extrusion Cyclone 1/2 .065″ Commercial Trimmer LineCyclone1.15 pounds
3A ANLEOLIFE 5-Pound Commercial Square .095″ String Trimmer LineA ANLEOLIFE4.2 ounces
4Greenworks Replacement Spools for Greenworks Cordless Trimmers lineGreenworks0.96 ounces
5Cyclone Desert Extrusion .105″ x690′ Commercial LineCyclone3.7 pounds
6DEWALT Trimmer Line, 225-Foot by 0.080″DEWALT8.8 ounces
7Oregon Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum Gatorline Square String Trimmer LineOregon3.44 pounds
8Rotary Item Vortex Trimmer Line, 5 Large SpoolRotary4.58 pounds
9WORX Replacement Trimmer Line for Select Electric String Trimmers,, 6-PackWORX2.08 ounces
10Oregon Gatorline Super-Twist Magnum .130″ String Trimmer LineOregon1.1 pounds

What Alternatives Are There?

One thing you need to know is that there are numerous trimmer lines in the market. Most are termed universal and what that means is that they fit just about any trimmer.

That said, you want to read the product label carefully before buying to ensure it is compatible with the tool you have otherwise you risk wasting your money.

Most replacement trimmer lines are designed for gas-powered models seeing as cordless and electric ones are hard to find. You will often have to take your trimmer apart to fit the line and put it back together before using it.

How to Choose the Perfect Trimmer Line

Before you embark on your shopping journey, you want to read your trimmer’s user manual or go through the manufacturer’s website to find out what string size your tool requires.

Once, you get that, you will have an easier time picking. The following are some of the factors you need to consider as you do that.

Line Shape

Trimmer strings can be twisted, multi-sides, or round. There are different shapes of string trimmer lines available in the market today. Now, the shape affects the performance of the machine in different ways including the noise level produced, durability, and preciseness of the cut.

In that regard, you want to match the string shape with the conditions under which you intend to use it. Let us get into that; shall we?

Round String: This comes in different sizes and is easy to reload, durable and economical. This kind of string is ideal for areas that have a few weeds and a lot of grass.

However, it is not as efficient on weedy areas because it has smooth edges that tear through weeds instead of delivering a clean cut. Round strings also tend to weld together and overheat when trimming along concrete fences or walls.

Multi-Sided String: With this kind of string, you get to cut through thick grass and heavy weeds effortlessly for cleaner results.

You may also want to note that this kind of string breaks more easily when trimming along hard

Twisted String: This would be the best option for thick weeds since it provides a cleaner cut or the same. It provides durability even if you intend to trim along harder surfaces.

Another thing about this kind of string is that it comes with less air resistance thus producing less vibration and noise. Along with a cordless or electric trimmer, a twisted string would be the perfect option where noise is a concern.

Line Durability

We don’t need to tell you that your line has to be resilient especially if you are looking to save money. Besides, if you intend to use t=your trimmer regularly along hard surfaces or on thicker grass, you want a durable line.

Of course, the durability of trimmer lines varies depending on the material used in their construction, shape, and what you intend to trim.

If durability is the greatest factor for you, a round string would be ideal since it comes with more material with a lesser surface area that provides longevity.

String Material

The typical trimmer string will be made from hardened monofilament nylon and this has been the industry standard for years.

Nevertheless, manufacturers are constantly making improvements to increase performance and durability. What we are trying to say here is that nylon is effective, but you can get better and stronger materials.

With the said stronger materials, you get better efficiency and power so you may want to consider going for something like reinforced composite nylon or copolymers.

Welding Resistance

Welding is what happens when your trimmer string overheats and sticks on the spool. It is usually caused by running the trimmer at high speeds when cutting along hard surfaces like concrete.

This causes friction that subsequently leads to heat build-up that softens the string causing it to stick to the spool.

Although the materials used in the making of trimmer lines are usually weld resistant, some strings come with a higher resistance than others. At this point, you should know that a shaped line offers more weld resistance compared to round ones due to the increased surface area.

Unbiased Review of Best String Trimmer Line

As we have previously mentioned, there are different trimmer lines for different trimmers. This may leave you confused and spoilt for choice.

To that effect, we have decided to review some of the top-rated trimmer lines in the market to help you make the right choice.

1. Oregon Magnum Gatorline High-Strength Trimmer Line

First up, we have this product from Oregon which is a universal replacement option. The fact that it can be used on any trimmer brand makes it arguably the best string trimmer line.

With this one, you get a square design with sharp edges and what that means is that you get to cut through even the thickest of grass and weeds easily and rapidly. It features a nylon construction and a resilient enforced core to extend its life.

What We liked About It

We can assure you that with this line, you will experience high-cutting efficiency because it comes with four sharp blades for that.

As if that is not enough, this line features a resilient inner core that works to resist breakage. You will love this because it means you will not be spending money often getting replacements.

However, what we loved most about it is that it slices through vegetation evenly to give your landscaping projects that clean look that makes them the envy of many.

What Could Have Been Better

This line tends to curl and melt easily when exposed to heat. We feel that the manufacturer should have put more thought into making it heat-resistance to avoid the same.


  • Offers durability
  • Reloads faster
  • Highly efficient


  • Could use heat-resistance

2. Desert Extrusion Cyclone Commercial Trimmer Line

With this trimmer line, you can easily complete your trimming tasks. It features a copolymer build-quality meaning you get increased abrasion resistance and strength so you can be assured of its longevity.

The shape of this line also guarantees its durability, especially when cutting along fence lines.

What We Liked About It

One thing we can tell you for sure is that the edges of this string will facilitate clean cutting even for thick weeds and tall grass.

Still, on the edges, they help in dissipating heat thus eliminating welding so whether you plan to use it for your small backyard or acres of land in your countryside ranch, it will suffice.

What we loved most about it though is that it is affordable even with all the features thus giving you value for money.

What Could Have Been Better

Some users have complained about receiving their packages open. We feel that the manufacturer could have done a better job with the packaging.


  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • Offers abrasion resistance


  • Packaging could be better

3. A Anleolife String Trimmer Line in Spool

You get a whopping 1,280-feet of trimmer line for string trimmer with this product. That means you can trim vast areas without having to worry about running out.

Another thing about it is that it comes in a square design to offer cutting efficiency and a copolymer core for added strength.

What We Liked About It

When you buy this product, you get a line cutter tool as a bonus. Of course, this is supposed to make your trimming experience easier.

Moving away from that, this unit is designed to offer longevity. Aside from that, it comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to transport.

This is a .095 string trimmer line which is very good for medium work. This trimmer line also can deal with heavier weeds

What Could Have Been Better

This unit is a bit pricey compared to others with the same features. We feel that the price could have been brought down a bit.


  • Built for durability
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Copolymer core for additional strength


  • Quite Pricey

4. Greenworks Trimmer Line Auto Feed Spool

Greenworks is a reputable brand as far as gardening appliances. The best part is that you can use this line with a Greenworks trimmer or any other model as long as it is the same size.

This product comes in a pack of 3 and doesn’t require you to use any tools when installing. That equals a user-friendly experience and value for your money.

What We Liked About It

One thing that stands out about this product is that it is made exclusively for Greenworks products but also fits trimmers from other brands. it comes pre-wound to make your user experience seamless.

This unit is not the cheapest on this list but you will get what you pay for seeing as it is a universal product that is also easy to use.

We love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

According to some users, this line snaps easily because it is thin. The manufacturer should simply have made it thicker to avoid that.


  • Quite versatile
  • Arrives pre-wound
  • Easy to replace


  • The string could be thicker

5. Cyclone Commercial Weed Eater String for Trimmer

If you do landscaping as a profession, you will love this lawn trimmer line simply because it comes in a 6-star design that improves the aerodynamic of the line to increase efficiency.

Because of that, you get friction-free cutting and quiet operation to give your yard or lawn a professional finish.

What We Liked About It

It may interest you to know that this trimmer line features a 0.95″ thickness that fits other trimmer brands like Husqvarna and Ryobi.

As far as its construction, you will be looking at a copolymer that offers durability, reliability, and additional strength hence longer life.

This line also offers first-rate performance at an affordable rate. We do not know about you but we love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

The manufacturer claims that this product is commercial-grade but some users beg to differ. We feel that the manufacturer should have been honest with the advertising to avoid customer mistrust.


  • Long-lasting
  • 6-blade shape for added cutting power
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not for heavy-duty projects

6. DEWALT Replacement Trimmer Line for String Trimmer

When it comes to gardening tools and power equipment, DEWALT is a leading brand. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we included this particular product on our list.

This trimmer is made with copolymer science to ensure that it is resilient and durable. If you want the best weed eater string to cut through grass or weeds, it makes a great choice.

What We Liked About It

If you are in the market for a trimmer line that is universally compatible with top trimmer brands, you should consider this one.

The line comes in a twisted design to offer multiple cutting surfaces that diminish friction while cutting as well as aerodynamic efficiency.

The twisted design and the aerodynamic materials deliver faster cutting speeds and consequently reduce strain on your trimmer’s motor. That is what we found most appealing about it.

What Could Have Been Better

This product tends to deform under heat. We feel that the manufacturer should have put more thought into its resilience.


  • Comes from a reputable brand
  • Made from a resilient material
  • Aerodynamic design for efficient and fast cutting


  • Not as resilient

7. Oregon Heavy-Duty Professional Square Weed Eater Line

We believe this trimmer line will be the best option if you intend to groom commercial yards that have more than just a few weeds and grass.

With this line, you get greater cutting efficiency and straighter cuts with minimal effort. Who wouldn’t want that?

What We Liked About It

The thing about this line is that it is designed to offer efficient cutting with its high-strength core that is break-resistant. That translates to less effort and trimming time.

We love that this line is designed to offer heavy-duty performance making it the ideal partner for heavy vegetation and larger properties.

What Could Have Been Better

As reported by some users this line’s diameter is extremely large which could compromise its performance. The manufacturer should simply have made it smaller.


  • Extremely durable against all surfaces
  • Saves time on reloading since it lasts so long
  • Very efficient


  • The diameter could be smaller

8. Rotary Premium-Quality Vortex Trimmer Line

Regardless of the height of the grass in your yard, or the thickness of the weeds, this line will cut through effortlessly. That should make it the perfect weed eater line.

Now, this line comes in a vortex shape that is more aerodynamic compared to others. This helps in diminishing turbulence making the line virtually indestructible.

What We Liked About It

This trimmer line is flexible as it is durable making it ideal for edging. It will not easily fall apart even if you use it to trim near fences and sidewalks.

As far as cutting power, this product cuts smooth and straight grass. We love that this line comes with a 1,140-foot long string to provide you with a practically endless supply.

What Could Have Been Better

Some users have reported that this is a large spool that will not fit slim and potable trimmers. We feel that the manufacturer should have addressed that during construction.


  • Provides clean and even cutting
  • Versatile
  • Vortex shape for resilience


  • The fit is not universal

9. WORX Replacement Trimmer Line

The first thing we noticed about this product is that it comes in a pack of six. That translates to 60 feet of copolymer line that we are sure will last you a long time.

All the lines in this package are robust and flexible and can therefore withstand any impact against trees or concrete surfaces.  The shape is aerodynamic thus allowing for clean cuts and less drag.

What We Liked About It

Now, the spools here are a little bit smaller compared to other similar trimmer spools. Of course, that can limit their use to only WORX products. This may be a good thing if you have a trimmer from the stable.

Anyway, the lines are easy to wind thus guaranteeing a user-friendly experience. That said; you do want to keep in mind that it is wound in a clockwise or backward direction, unlike other similar products.

We love that the product features a nylon construction that cushions over harder surfaces.

What Could Have Been Better

Since these are smaller, they tend not to last as long as other strings. We feel that the manufacturer could have made them bigger to increase their longevity.


  • Aerodynamic design for cleaner cuts
  • Nylon copolymer construction for added durability
  • User-friendly


  • Could be bigger

10. Oregon Super-Twist Lawn Trimmer Line

You can count on this line to deliver superior performance because of its square design that offers cutting edges for the same.

Another thing about this line is that it comes with greater cutting efficiency to provide you with more precise cuts. Besides, it features a high-strength core for break resistance and durability.

What We Liked About It

This line is compatible with bump-head trimmers and comes with a long shelf life as well. You won’t have to get into your pocket for replacement money any time soon.

Moving on, the unit is reasonably priced and seeing as it is reasonably priced even with all the great features we have discussed, we feel that you will get value for your money and we love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

Judging from reviews, this line tends to fall apart when used to trim along harder surfaces meaning it is not as resilient. We feel that the manufacturer should have made it with durability in mind.


  • High-strength
  • Quite efficient
  • Reasonably priced


  • May not hold up to extreme usage

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about trimmer lines that you may find useful.

Q: Are thicker trimmer lines better?

A: Yes, they are. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the tougher the project, the thicker the line should be. A larger diameter increases the durability and power of the line thus less wear-out and breakage.

Q: Why does my trimmer line keep breaking?

A: This usually happens when there is contact with an object along the lawn perimeter or in the grass. You see, trimmer lines need to rotate freely, otherwise, tension will build up making them break.

Another reason why your trimmer line may be breaking is because of the wrong replacement parts.

Q: How long does my trimmer line need to be?

A: Electric trimmers that are lower-powered are usually used with fairy light gage lines. That is about 1.5 mm / 0.06 inch or about (about 1/16 inch).

With that length, you can trim light grass and flowerbeds easily.

Q: Which is the best trimmer line?

A: There is no such thing as the best trimmer line. We say that because there are several great options in the market.

However, you want to look at the features such as durability, shape, and welding resistance to influence your choice. Above all, the line trimmer you pick should be compatible with your trimmer, otherwise, you will have wasted money.

How to Use a String Trimmer Safely:

You need to be safe when using your trimmer line. Here are a few tips to help you with that.

1. Ensure that you have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This includes goggles for protecting your eyes and a visor to provide complete protection for your face.

You can also wear gloves to protect your hands from injury.

2. Never wear sandals or shorts because you risk injuring your legs and feet.  Instead, wear trousers made from heavy material and shoes with steel caps to protect yourself from cuts.

You may also want to angle the trimmer in such a way that whatever you cut is thrown away from you. Consider wearing ear muffs as well to safeguard your ears from damage caused by the loud sound of your trimmer.

3. Before you begin trimming, check out the ground for things like pebbles, metal, and glass bits as they can easily be caught by the line and turn out to be missiles.

4. If you are using an electric trimmer, be sure not to hit it while using. Electrical trimmers are not as powerful as gas versions so the line will probably not cut the cable. Nonetheless, it could tamper with the insulation.

5. Be mindful of bystanders because people near you are more likely to be hit by debris from your trimming. This is particularly true if you are trimming an elevated surface.

You can wait for anyone who is near you to move away or request them to do so. You also want to ensure that there are no children in the vicinity as you do your trimming.

6. Stay away from cars and windows because while trimming, you are likely to bring out pebbles that can easily chip your car’s paintwork, or even cause cracks on glass.

As such, you want to note where debris flies and direct it away from anything that could be damaged.

Our Top Pick

We have analyzed all the products on our list and settled on the Oregon Magnum Gatorline High-Strength Trimmer Line as our top pick. Why? First, this line comes with high cutting efficiency such that you will get straighter and cleaner cuts without having to exert too much effort or spending too much time on it.

The line also features a high-strength inner core that resists breakage. That means you won’t have to spend often getting replacements because it is durable.

Finally, the line is square-shaped and cuts through vegetation evenly and cleanly. We love that about it.


Getting a professional to groom your yard or fence is understandable, but it does come at an extra cost. If you are not too keen on having that as an expense, you may want to get your hands on the best trimmer line.

With it, all your landscaping and edging efforts will be hassle-free and convenient.  All the lines we have reviewed do a great job all you need to do is ensure that the one you pick is compatible with the trimmer you have. We believe that you are in the best position to make the right choice now that you have this guide at your disposal so go ahead and do it.