Different Types of String Trimmer Line – Compare & Their Benefits

Whether you’re a commercial or a homeowner landscaper, there are so many benefits that come with owning a string trimmer line.

For instance, it allows you to trim areas that your lawnmower cannot easily reach. On top of that, it enables you to tackle a thick strand of weeds or grass that most mowers cannot handle.

Unfortunately, using the wrong types of weed eater string can make it almost impossible to trim through thick weeds.

For this reason, choosing the right line for the job is critical. So, in this article, we’re going to look at the different types of string trimmer line and their benefits.

Different Types/Shapes of String Trimmer Line:

There are different weed trimmer string types to choose from, with each offering its own benefits and downsides. But today, we will only discuss the 5 most common trimmer line styles to see how they compare to each other.

1. Round Trimmer Line

With so many weed eater string types available, the round trimmer line is considered the standard shape. This is because it is designed to be compatible with most string trimmers.

Thanks to its round shape, the trimmer line breaks less than other weed eater strings. In fact, it is considered to be more durable against metals, concrete, and other hard materials that it may come into contact with.

And being a basic string trimmer line, it is also easy to replace. However, the line is best suited for light trimming needs like a residential yard with minimum grass and thin weeds.

2. Multi-sided or Edged Trimmer Line

This type of trimmer line has a shape similar to a square, hexagon, or pentagon. Unlike the round trimmer line, which is best suited for residential use, this line is ideal for commercial use.

Simply put, edged trimmer lines are perfect for trimming larger lawns or heavier weeds, thereby giving you even cuts. This is all thanks to its multiple sides.

However, compared to round weed eater string types, they tend to break easily if they come in contact with hard surfaces.

3. Square Trimmer Line

A Square trimmer line means that it’s a square shaped line, as its name hints it. If you want to cut the heavy weeds then this type of trimmer line is perfect for you. The square shape edges allow the line to cut down clearly grass and heavy weeds. This square trimmer line is one of the good options for commercial and professional use.

4. Twisted Trimmer Line

This type of trimmer line features a spiral shape and is ideal for cutting through heavy and thick weeds. So, if you need a reliable trimmer weed eater string for commercial use, then this is the right option for you.

Generally, its unique twisted design helps minimize line breakage while also giving the trimmer line more of a cutting edge. Consequently, this allows the line to make cleaner cuts with ease.

Also, worth mentioning is that this twisted style line offers great durability when it comes into contact with hard surfaces or concrete.

More so, it may help minimize trimmer vibrations and even noise levels thanks to its spiral shape.

5. Serrated Trimmer Line

Serrated types of string trimmer line boast edges that act as a kitchen knife or cutting teeth. The edges usually create a saw-like motion that quickly cuts thicker grass blades, thereby providing a cleaner trim.

This type of trimmer line also features extra cutting power, which makes it ideal for medium to heavy jobs. Simply put, it’s ideal for commercial use.

Which String Trimmer Line is Suitable for Which Work?

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and durable line for residential use, you should consider a round trimmer line.

However, if what you need is a line for commercial use, then you can go with the multi-sided, Square, twisted, or serrated options.

That said, the twisted trimmer line seems like the best option for commercial trimming needs. This is because it is resistant to breaking when it comes into contact with concrete and other hard materials. Not to mention, it boasts lower noise levels.

Final Word

Overall, the above trimmer line styles are sure to provide you with clean and even cuts. However, the right type of string trimmer line will depend on the size of the task at hand. This basically includes the thickness of grass to be trimmed and the size of your yard.