Why Does My Trimmer Line Keep Breaking? – Fix This Problem

Do you have a garden or a yard that needs regular trimming to look beautiful and well kept? Well, using a trimmer line is inevitable for this to happen. Investing in a good high-quality trimmer line is a very important thing if you’re looking to use it for maximum productivity over many years.

Sometimes, you may find that your trimmer line is breaking and it may be difficult to know the reason immediately without seeking help. In this article, we are going to go through some of the causes that keep your trimmer line breaking to ease your understanding.

Also, we are going to provide solutions on how to overcome these problems.

Top 5 Reasons Why Does your Trimmer Line Keep Breaking: Reasons and Solution

1. Impact on Hard Surfaces and Objects

A trimmer line is made to trim your grass and other soft surfaces around the home, a golf course, or even a garden. When you are using your weed trimmer on rough surfaces, there is a likelihood that it will break due to the strong friction.

For instance, if you’re whacking grass that is surrounded by a pavement on its edges made of concrete or stones, your trimmer may come into contact with them and get spoiled. Another place whereby it’s easy for your trimmer to break is when you’re cutting the grass next to a perimeter wall.

How to Fix This Problem

Since you can’t avoid trimming on the edges of the garden that are in contact with your garden, there are ways by which you can prevent the breakage of your trimmer line.

First, as soon as you reach between the pavement or perimeter wall, ensure that you move your trimmer as slowly as possible to reduce the chances of coming into contact with the hard surface.

Also, if you’re not sure you can do it well, calling a professional who is experienced in trimming grass is the best option.

2. Using a Poor Quality Trimmer Line

There are very big chances that a low-quality trimmer line isn’t tough enough to last for a long time. What’s more, it’s subject to breaking and getting damaged when it’s exposed to heavy-duty work.

Some weed trimmers are made with inferior material and therefore become expensive to repair due to frequent breakage. Besides that, a low-quality trimmer brings applying extra power on it so that it can do a good job hence increasing the rotation speed and therefore more likely to break.

However, in the long run, it will cost you more in repairs and replacements. Even though a trimmer is cheap, that shouldn’t be the sole reason for buying it since you may have to get it in your pocket sooner.

How to Fix This Problem

While doing your trimmer line shopping, it’s very important to do your research on the best types and brands in the market as well as looking at customer reviews. This will give you an idea of what will work the best for you.

Some of the qualities that make up a high-quality trimmer include having a thicker line. It’s harder to break compared to a thinner line. Additionally, most round cut trimmer lines are the best quality compared to the star and square types.

It’s advisable to get a weed trimmer that is already rolled on its reel to avoid damaging it through bad installation processes.

3. Using an Incompatible Line

Sometimes when a line breaks and you want to save some bucks, replacing it with a new one is usually the first option. However, it’s very possible that you can buy a line that’s incompatible with the trimmer design and hence become prone to breaking.

If it’s thicker than the trimmer design, there are high chances that it will get damaged when the speeds are lower and more lines won’t be fed into the grass. On the other, if the line is too thin, feeding through is more possible hence leading to easy breakage.

How to Fix This Problem

The first thing that you need to know is the type and brand of your trimmer line. This will help you to avoid using other universal lines that may not be good for your trimmer line’s longevity. Additionally, always make sure that you have read and understood all the contents in the manual.

Most installation details contain the possible replacement of a line and those that aren’t compatible during a replacement process. If you’re not sure about the best and correct line to use, it’s advisable to contact your dealer for more professional advice and information.

4. Worn Out Line

Another reason why your weed trimmer is breaking could be that it’s less functional than it was while relatively new. For most of the trimmer lines in the market, you can improve their resilience by tapping more lines into them and continue to function normally.

However, your line may be very weak and thus not strong enough to withstand a lot of abuse. In this case, we advise you to always use higher-quality lines that are more durable.

How to Fix This Problem

A worn-out can be fixed by ensuring that during the application, less contact with hard surfaces such as walls and sidewalks are avoided. This will significantly reduce the breaking intervals.

More than that, reducing the amount of power used to make it cut through the grass is another option. While a line is rotating at lower speeds, the chances of breaking down are much less than while you’re using all the power available to power your equipment.

5. Improper Line Use

After you’ve ruled out all the other possibilities on why your trimmer line breaks often, this could mean that you’re either using a lot or less line than is required. While doing the trimming, it’s very important to find the best length of your line to be used for optimal performance that is safe for your trimmer line.

For instance, a trimmer that has very long lines is capable of hitting onto walls and fences instead of cutting the grass only. This increases its chances of breaking down.

On the other hand, a trimmer with short lines isn’t able to cut the grass and hence increased torque leads to faster wearing out and breakage of your equipment.

How to Fix This Problem

The length of your lines should depend on the size of the grass being cut as well as the exposure to hard surfaces. Generally, a trimmer line should have 8 inches out for maximum productivity in the field or garden.

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Final Thought

Now that you’ve known the main reasons why your trimmer lines break, we hope that you shall find ways to diagnose problems and avoid breakage of your trimmer line from happening. Some of these reasons can be dealt with even without seeking professional help from your dealers.

One of the most important things that prevent your trimmer line from breaking is the quality of the equipment purchased. Another way to prevent regular breakage of your weed trimmer is by doing regular maintenance services.

This helps in fixing small minor issues on the line that may become a huge problem that leads to consistent breaking soon.

Lastly, a final thing to always consider is reading and understanding all the information contained in the original manufacturer’s manual for proper repair parts replacement.