Different String Trimmer Line Diameter & Their Works

A string trimmer is an essential tool to have, especially if you are a landscaper. Not only can it help you trim your lawn, but also clear bushes and cut weeds.

However, for the best performance, you need to use the right size of string trimmer line. You see, weed eater lines come in different diameters. And different sizes are best suited for various tasks.

Unfortunately, knowing which size of trimmer line to use can be challenging. So, in this guide, we’ll look at the different string line diameter & their works.

What is Trimmer Line Diameter/Thickness?

Trimmer lines come in many different diameters. The diameter or thickness of a line is simply the measure of the smallest dimension of the trimmer line.

Generally, a larger diameter is considered to offer better cutting power and durability against thicker weeds. Therefore, the tougher the task, the thicker the line needs to be.

Different String Trimmer Line Diameter/Thickness for Different Works:

While all the string trimmer lines might look the same from afar, they are not created equally. But overall, the right weed eater string diameter largely depends on the application and size of the lawn. That said, some of the common string trimmer line thickness options available include:

0.065” – 0.080” Trimmer Line for Light Work

For trimmer lines with a diameter that ranges between 0.065 and 0.080 inches, they are best suited for light-duty tasks. Such tasks may include trimming grass and lighter weeds around the house. They can also be used to whack down lawn weeds around the fences, driveways, and walkways.

0.085” – 0.105” Trimmer Line for Medium Work

If you are dealing with thicker weeds, you should opt for a 0.085 to 0.105” weed trimmer string thickness. However, while they can deal with heavier weeds, they are only ideal for light commercial work. So, if you have a large lawn with overgrown vegetation, this is the thickness level to go for. For medium-range work, the .095 trimmer line is a good option.

0.110” – 0.130” Trimmer Line for Heavy Work

When trimming very thick or heavy weeds, you will need a heavy-duty string trimmer line. Such a line should have a thickness of at least 0.110”.

Basically, these types of lines are crafted from thick and high-quality materials, so they don’t break easily. This, therefore, makes them ideal for commercial trimming works.

0.130+” Trimmer Line for Very Heavy Work

Last but not least, we have trimmer lines with over 0.130” diameters. These lines work best for professional landscapers. This is because they are designed to handle commercial lawns or gardens with woody shrubs and very tough vegetation with ease.

Trimmer Line Diameter Size Chart:

Work TypesTrimmer Line Thickness/Diameter
Light Work0.065 inches – 0.080 inches Trimmer Line
Medium Work0.085 inches – 0.105 inches Trimmer Line
Heavy Work0.110 inches – 0.130 inches Trimmer Line
Very Heavy Work 0.130+” Trimmer Line

Bottom Line

Depending on what you plan to cut or trim, your weed eater string thickness is one thing you should largely consider. But most importantly, the trimmer line should fit your weed eater. After all, you don’t want to end up with a line that is too thick for your weed eater.