How to Cut Rocks with a Tile Saw

You probably wanted to get an excellent shape out of a gemstone or some precious rock and never got an opportunity to find an appropriate tool for that kind of work. You have thought of diamond tipped table saw, and you are not getting the desired output, or it is not useful.

If you are working in the field, you will encounter large stones that you have to turn them into useful small or medium sized pieces using a tile saw specifically designed for cutting rocks. Because of the intricacies involved in working with tiles.

Here is a Guide on How to Cut Rocks with a Tile Saw & How to Use a Tile Saw.

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Before You Start

  • Familiarize with the components so that you know the parts of the tile saw when reading the tutorial.
  • The lock plate can move sideways enabling accurate measurements when cutting tiles. There is no size limitation as long as tile fits in the saw blade. A locking mechanism is available and used by raising and lowering a lever in a lock and unlocking position.
  • After getting the required measurements to use, mark the guides on the saw table to lock the lock late of the tile to be cut. The guides are at the front and back of the saw table. The measurements have to be precise if you want a better and professional job.
  • Position the tile by pushing against the lock plate. Locking is possible on either the left or right side of the blade. The positioning depends on what you see fit.
  • The saw’s On/Off switch is where everyone should see, at the front of the tile saw.
  • Hold both ends securely as you confirm your measurements and push down the locking lever. With the lock secure, put your tile in position, lower the blade guard, and start cutting the tile.
  • Use two hands and push down the tile downwards through the saw blade and inwards towards the lock plate and away from you through the saw blade. This action should be done simultaneously and with the same amount of pressure.

Note:Some cuts may not be safe to use two hands because the distance between the spinning blades may be narrow. At no point should you use your fingers, instead use a piece of scrap wood to push the section through the saw blade.

With all that process, you have managed to cut your first piece of rock. Once the cutting ends, unlock the plate to release the tile. If the stone or tile refuses to come out, leave it there and switch the saw off to remove.

If after turning off the tile saw, lift the guard (make sure the saw is not running, other than being dangerous, it can spill some particles and make your clothes) and remove any remaining piece of rock or tile.

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Creating Custom Designs

By now, it is clear that you understand the basic method of using a tile saw to make cuts in rocks. You can take your skills further by improving techniques and creating fancy shapes that do not follow the regular design in shapes.

  • Make measurements and mark them on the rock, create a cut that will help position lock plate accordingly. Continue with the cut until the blade reaches the intersecting line. You can get the result by standing to the side of the saw and lift the guard while pushing the rock until the blade touches the line.
  • Once the cut is done switch off the tile saw and carefully remove the tile carefully to avoid cracks. Look for another line to make your shape and place it on the table with a blade.
  • Take the measurements and lock the plate into place.
  • When completely done, turn off the saw and set it up for the next task.

Lubricating Your Tile Saw

  • Tile saws will last and work for long as long as you have water for lubrication. However, the best approach is adding rust preventive compounds, which also act as lubricating agents.
  • Try water-soluble oils meant to work with your kind of saw model but always watch out for the scent coming from the saw when operating. You should have a facemask to keep the fumes away.
  • When setting up the saw make sure it is in ample space with enough air to avoid accumulation of fumes in a small closed area.

Final Word

Now you can settle and try out some of the styles and skills we put across on this simple guide. You should now be a professional DIYer who can curve beautiful and smooth curves using an otherwise straight saw blade but with some unique skills.

We hope that you have been able to grasp how the saw tool can be used to cut rocks and even tiles used at home and office decor.  All you need do is get more practice or training so that you can be one of the most sought after rock or tile cutter in your area.