How to Use a Manual Pole Saw

The pole pruner is a tool used at home and has sharp blades that enable you to cut overhead branches. The tool can be dangerous but when handled properly safety is a guarantee.

By routinely pruning the trees surrounding your garden to encourage good growth habits by removing dead or weak limbs and maintains the tree’s growth within the boundaries.

The manual pole saw is appropriate for deadheading where the spent blooms are cut off so that the tree can use the energy to support the new growth. The proper use of the tool demands that you know how to manipulate the string and be able to handle quick trimming of trees and shrubs.

Things You will Need

  • Safety goggles
  • Leather gloves

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Here are the Steps You Need to Follow to Make Good Use of the Manual Pole Saw

  1. Make sure that the cleaning area is comfortable for you and all passersby. Only people working on the site should enter or re-enter the working area. Trip hazards like the falling branches that can move should be taken off the common pathway.
  2. Know in advance places that need to be cut. If you have done pruning before, there is a lot of cutting the smaller areas before you finally manage to cut off the big branch, which by now weighs less. If possible, try to make horizontal cuts on branches that support that angle.
  3. Most cuts have the blade starting from the top side of the branch.
  4. For a jump cut, the blade comes from below the branch, which proves to be physically intensive because you are working against gravity. Water sprouts in vertical needs a lot of patience cutting from the ground using the pole saw.
  5. Holdteh pole saw with both hands and control it to an upright position as you mind its weight since you are working against gravity. Place the saw on the cutting area and let its weight rest on the branch unless it is a jump cut.
  6. Hold the tool and move to a place where you can hold the end facing you at chest level and start working on the side of the limb and not below it. i.e., let the pole rest at an as you do the cutting. Lengthen the pole if you are using a saw with an adjustable pole.
  7. Start cutting a starting groove by making sure that the first strokes are in control and lies perpendicular to the branch to give the initial strokes as much as possible. The idea behind this is to have a groove in the wood that you will use as a guide to make quick strokes. The strokes that you started earlier should slip sideways if you are handling a sloping branch. In case of any slippage, stop and reposition the saw before proceeding with the work.
  8. Continue and finish your cut when the saw is secured in the groove as you increase the stroke speed. Pole saws cut on the pull stroke assisted by gravity. Keep your eye on the branch as it falls so that you or any other person is not hurt.
  9. Clean up the work area by taking off the fallen limbs before moving on to the next cut.

Cautions When Using the Pole Saw

  • Anytime a thought comes into your mind about pruning trees that are above ground you should familiarize yourself with imminent dangers. Professionals will use ropes and a pulley system to bring down a large piece of wood. Here are some observations you should make, when using a pole saw:
  • Confirm with the instructor’s manual on the maximum thickness of a limb it can cut through. The thicker the wood, the more dangerous it is and needs a complicated process to bring down.
  • Unless you are familiar with the techniques of bringing hanging branches down, make sure you know which areas of the tree needs pruning.
  • Pole saws are heavy and need a lot of energy operating it.
  • Do not attempt to work branches that are lying next to powerlines.


  • Some pole pruners have a saw blade on its cutting head, Use this saw to partially cut a branch and pull the string to finalize the cut.
  • Most pole saw pruners accommodate a diameter of up to 2-inches.

Final Word

Make sure that high quality and high performance should be the kind manual pole saw is the one you are using. We believe that the information shared on this guide is insightful and helpful. The intention of writing this how-to is to give you a starting point, and relevant information about the manual pole saw. When headed to the nearest shop make sure your budget and gardening need come into focus before choosing a manual pole saw.