How to Start a Stihl MS250 Chainsaw

Starting a chain saw should not give you so much strain as long as you stick to specific criteria and follow the steps in the required order. However, they may be some standard way of starting a chain saw, but you need to be careful about the different existing models.

It is important not to ignore taking care of your Stihl Ms 250 Chainsaw to avoid false starts due to poor maintenance. This guide will take you through the entire process of starting a Stihl Ms250 Chainsaw.

What You Need for This Task

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The Following Requirements are Optional

  • Chainsaw chaps and adjustable face guards
  • Chain sharpener
  • Chain maintenance tool such as a scrench

Before You Start the Chainsaw

  1. Make sure your Stihl Ms 250 chain saw is working, and maintenance is done after every use. Do a casual overview of the parts that need tightening and lubricate parts if need be.
  2. Fill the fuel tank and use the correct type of oil depending on the model of your chainsaw
  3. Put on the safety glasses, helmet, and hearing protection. Do not forget other safety equipment and boots. You may need to use the optional chainsaw chaps and the adjustable face guards.
  4. Take extra precautions around you and ensure children and pets are far from the cutting area

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Starting Your Stihl MS250 Chainsaw

  1. Remove the chain cover before starting the chain saw
  2. If the chainsaw model has a decompression valve, press it because it helps in firing the engine
  3. Some models have a primer bulb, which has to be pushed several times as it helps in reducing the number of pulls needed to start.
  4. Press the fuel bulb several times when starting the chainsaw or during a restart after refueling
  5. Lock the throttle trigger by pulling it and depressing the trigger lockout button. Found at the top of the handle and above the trigger. Set the master control switch on located on the front section of the saw. The throttle is the one at the bottom of the master control switch identified by a horizontal lying between two parallel lines.
  6. With the chainsaw on a level ground engage the chain brakes by pushing it all the way forward until it clicks into the lock position.
  7. The toe of your right foot should be under the rear handle and use the left hand to grasp the top handle and place the chainsaw in place.
  8. Grasp the starter grip with the right hand until you get hold of it. Give it a strong, quick pull. Pulling may need to take place more than once before it starts, avoid pulling too quickly to prevent flooding the engine with fuel.
  9. Set the throttle to idle mode (marked by the diagonal line between outwardly curved brackets). The moment the engine revvs, quickly release the chain by taking it back in its original position. Failure to let go may end up damaging the engine or housing when the chainsaw is running.
  10. Press the trigger to move the master control switch automatically from the closed to run position. (The run position resembles Capital I or Roman numeral one). The trigger movement helps in unlocking the tiger by locking it out
  11. Before getting started, make sure that the chain has enough lubrication by holding it up against a light colored background such as a tree trunk or a piece of paper on the ground, run the engine and see if some lubricants will drop on the background if so start working.
  12. Move the master control switch to the off (marked by letter O) position to shut down. This action will also stop the chainsaw.

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In case you have trouble starting the Stihl Ms 250 while on the ground, you can start the saw by holding it. When carrying the saw every other step should be done in the same order as explained above, but you will have to move the chainsaw between your knees while holding on to the front handle using the left hand and pull the rope with your hand.


Failing to handle the chain saw with caution can be dangerous even to the most experienced users. Make use of your Stihl Ms250 chainsaw readers’ manual whenever you have a question to ask.

Final Word

Before handling the Stihl Ms 250 ensures that you are familiar with the chainsaw and related equipment. Many issues may arise causing the chainsaw to stall. The diagnosis could be complicated or lead to additional maintenance costs.

However, the good news is that these chainsaws use two-stroke engines with a design to minimize the number of running parts that can lead to engine failure. Failure to regulate compression means the pistons can wreck the cylinder and forcing you to take your saw to a professional mechanic.