Top 5 Best Trimmer Line for Stihl in 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you like keeping your lawn neat and tidy? If yes, then you should probably invest in the best Stihl string trimmer.

But of course, to get maximum performance from this tool, you must use the right line in your trimmer. After all, you don’t want to end up with rough and uneven cuts. 

Now, you’re probably wondering, what is the best trimmer string for Stihl? Ideally, the right kind of line is designed to:

  • Last a long time
  • Trim cleanly and easily
  • Be quick and simple to reload

Unfortunately, with so many trimmer line options available on the market, finding the best one can be daunting. For this reason, we’re going to review the 5 best trimmer line for Stihl to help you choose the right one. 

Comparison Table of Top String Trimmer Line Options for Stihl String Trimmer

Apart from manufacturing trimmers, Stihl also has its own trimmer line that is made with precision. So, here are some of the best trimmer line options for Stihl compared.

RankProduct NameDimensionsWeight
1Premium Round Trimmer Line by Stihl8.3 x 6.4 x 1.5 inches (Package)12 ounces
2Stihl Orange Style Genuine 2.4mm x 261m 3lb Bulk Line8.39 x 1.5 x 11.18 inches3.52 ounces
3HONEYRAIN Heavy Duty 2.4 mm/.095″ Round Twist Nylon Material Trimmer Line for Stihl7.52 x 6.93 x 2.2 inches (Package)1.1 pounds
4Trimmer Line 2.0 MM/.080 IN 62 M/200 FEET by STIHL8.27 x 6.3 x 1.57 inches11.8 ounces
5Stihl Orange Color Pro Crossover Cords with Carbon Content, 2.7mm / 55m8.66 x 6.89 x 1.73 inches15.5 ounces

Our 5 Picks of the Best Trimmer Line for Stihl: In-depth Reviews

1. Stihl Premium Round .095″ Trimmer Line

This is our top pick for the best Stihl trimmer line and for many reasons. First, it is a high-performance line. As such, the line can accomplish nearly any trimming task.

What’s more? You will be happy to know that the line is available in 0.095”/ 2.4mm diameters. As such, it can fit all STIHL and other competitive trimmer heads without any issues. This, therefore, makes it a great multi-purpose string.

On top of that, the Stihl Premium Round Trimmer Line is specially formulated to prevent welding and fraying. This means that it can hold up under a range of cutting conditions with ease.


  • Easy to use and quick to reload
  • Ideal for an array of trimming needs
  • No fraying or welding
  • Premium quality


  • The line is a little weak

2. Stihl Genuine 0000 930 2246 Bulk Line

If you like buying lines in bulk, you probably won’t be disappointed in this product. The line weighs 3lbs and measures .095”/2.4mm x 261m. This makes it excellent for big jobs and big trimmers.

Additionally, you will be happy to learn that this line is best used as a direct replacement for original parts. So, if used accordingly, you won’t have to worry about interfering with the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

Being a genuine Stihl trimmer line, the durability and performance of this string are guaranteed. This means it will hold up to most trimming jobs.


  • Made from high-quality nylon
  • Strong and durable
  • Good price for a decent quality line
  • Provides exact fit for Stihl products


  • Only fits specific trimmers

3. HONEYRAIN Heavy Duty Round Twist Trimmer Line for Stihl String Trimmer

Here is yet another premium trimmer line for Stihl that is suitable for most gasoline and electric trimmers. The line boasts a round twist shape, which makes it ideal for trimmers that need 2.4mm / .095 inch diameter wire.

But here is the best part; the line is made of tough nylon material to ensure maximum durability. This construction also adds impact power and strength to the trimmer while also improving resistance to damage.

More importantly, the line is built to be easy to use and reload. Consequently, this makes it efficient to use so you can keep your lawn tidy and neat.


  • Durable and hard to break
  • Offers high impact and strength
  • Fits a range of trimmer models
  • Efficient trimming operation


  • Not built for commercial applications

4. STIHL 0000 930 2336 – .080 Trimmer Line

Looking for a high-quality line that fits all Stihl trimmer heads? If yes, you might want to try out this specific product. It is a genuine OEM Stihl part so you don’t have to worry about its performance and durability. It’s 2.0mm/.080 Inch trimmer line.

Like most Stihl trimmer lines, this too is made from a blend of custom polymers to ensure the best performance. As such, the line is not only resistant to welding, but also abrasion and different temperature ranges.

More so, you will be happy to know that the lines are color-coded. This is designed to make it easy for anyone to find the right dimension.


  • High-performance trimmer line
  • Made with durability in mind
  • Premium-quality for the price
  • No welding or fraying


  • Only ideal for small jobs

5. Stihl CF3 Pro 00009304304 String Trimmer Line with Carbon Content

The Stihl CF3 Pro is a top-rated favorite trimmer line for many yard owners. This is probably because it is compatible with most Stihl cutting heads. Not to mention, the line boasts high-strength construction. It’s diameter: 2.7 mm/.155 weed eater string.

Additionally, the line features a 3-component thread that is made from high-quality polyamide. Consequently, this helps extend the life of the mowing line while also ensuring the string does not break easily.

Further, the line is equipped with a twisting design along with a cross-shaped profile. This simply helps minimize the whistling noise produced during trimming and also ensures better trimming performance.


  • Highly durable against most surfaces
  • Long-lasting design
  • Produces cleanly trimmed edges
  • Fast and friction-free trimming action


  • A little pricey for the amount of line

Buyer’s Guide – What to Look for When Buying the Perfect Trimmer Line for Stihl

So how do you choose the right trimmer line for your needs? Well, in this section, you will find the key aspects to consider while you shop. Check them out.


The first thing to consider is the thickness of the line. Generally, a large diameter is a good indicator of durability. This ensures less breakage and wear-out.

Trimmer lines are available in several thickness options to choose from. However, the right thickness level depends on your cutting needs.

For example, for light applications, a line with 0.065” – 0.085” will be enough. But if trimming thicker weeds, you will need a line with a diameter of 0.085” – 0.110”. On the other hand, you will need a line that is thicker than 0.110” for heavy-duty applications.

Trimmer Line Shape

Another thing to consider is the shape of the line since it also affects the cutting efficiency of the trimmer. String trimmer lines come in several shapes including round, twisted, square, serrated, and star-shaped.

But generally speaking, round lines are the most common. This is probably because they are economical, easy to reload, durable, and come in all sizes. However, round strings are only ideal for lawns with mostly grass and few weeds. This is because they tend to tear through weeds instead of cutting cleanly.

Twisted lines, on the other hand, offer a cleaner cut compared to their round counterparts. On top of that, they operate with minimal noise and reduced air resistance.


High-quality materials increase the cutting power and efficiency of the trimmer line. Generally, most lines are made from nylon materials. However, this type of material tends to break easily and wear out fast when used on heavy-duty applications.

The good news is that different manufacturers have come up with alternative materials for heavy-duty jobs. For instance, some lines include strengthening materials like aluminum additives, internally reinforced nylon, and reinforced composite nylon.

Other trimmer lines are constructed from copolymers or non-nylon polymers for superior durability. On the other hand, some strings are made with a hardened core material to minimize breakage.


Additionally, you will need to consider the durability of the line. You see, a more durable line will let you do more work per spool. This is because it won’t break easily.

However, trimmer line durability tends to vary based on the material it is made of and even the shape of the line. For example, given the same shape and material, the thicker the line is, the more durable it will likely be.

But overall, round lines are considered to be more durable than other types. This is because they contain more materials but with less surface area. However, round lines made from non-nylon polymer or any hardened core material will have a longer wear time than standard nylon.

Commonly Asked Questions About High-Quality Trimmer Line for Stihl Weed Trimmer: FAQs

By now, you should have an idea of the best cutting line for your Stihl trimmer. But before we conclude, here are a few frequently asked questions to help get your trimmer line running.

What size trimmer line does Stihl use?

Well, it depends on various factors including your trimming needs. However, the Stihl mostly uses a 0.95”/ 2.4mm line.

Is a thicker trimmer line better?

Yes, when it comes to performing tougher applications. Generally, a larger diameter tends to increase the power and durability of the string.

Is square trimmer line better than round?

Well, it depends on your trimming needs. However, the square trimmer line usually cuts faster and more efficiently thanks to its four sharp edges.

What trimmer line do professionals use?

Most of them use nylon lines because they are durable, lightweight, affordable, and with great tensile strength. Simply put, nylon lines are an excellent all-around choice although it lacks the strength of copolymer lines.

Which is Our Top Pick?

Overall, the Stihl Premium Round Trimmer Line is our best Trimmer line for Stihl. This is because it is a high-performance line that does not cause welding or fraying. Not to mention, the line can also be used on other trimmer head brands besides Stihl.

Bottom Line

Overall, all the top five trimmer lines highlighted here are guaranteed to provide you with excellent cutting power and durability. Therefore, it’s just a matter of picking the line that meets your unique needs. Hopefully, our guide helps you in choosing the right trimmer string.