The Best Fixed Line Trimmer Head in 2020: Top 5 Lines Compared & Rated

Just like the focal point of any machine, your weed eater needs a compatible trimmer head and line to function and support its attachments. However, a few cases where a trimmer head malfunctions may call for a replacement. This one maintenance practice helps you to avoid line problems while keeping your tool at its highest power and performance.

A fixed line trimmer head is not only stable but also uses high-quality lines that take time to deplete. If you should scour the market for a trusted brand, the list is endless. However, we’ll thin down your search to the best fixed line trimmer head today. Let’s dive in.

Comparison Table of Top 5 Fixed Line Trimmer Heads

In this section, we provide an in-depth review of some of the top-rated fixed trimmer heads for your gardening duties. But, if you won’t read with us to the end, here is a product list with a summary of the unique features of the trimmer heads and their performance. Check this out.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1RYOBI Universal Pro Cut ll 0.095″ Fixed Line String HeadRYOBI13.8 ounces
2Oregon Grey Color Fixed Line Trimmer HeadOregon12 ounces
3Echo Heavy Duty Fixed Line Aluminum Trimmer HeadEcho0.01 ounces
4Universal Mount Fixed-Line Trimmer Head by Tecomec for Ryobi, Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo String TrimmerTecomec
5RYOBI 2-in-1 Fixed Line and Bladed Head Auto Feed String TrimmersRYOBI6.7 ounces

Best Fixed Line Trimmer Head Reviewed

Depending on the size of your yard or garden, decide whether you need a small, medium, or a large trimmer head. Professional gardeners may pick the medium and large heads because of the complexity of their tasks. Also, ensure that it matches your trimmer model. Here are some of the top brands for your pick.

1. Ryobi AC04141B Universal Fixed Line Trimmer Head

This is a powerful trimmer head that is compatible with most gas trimmers like Toro and Homelite. The fact that it runs the.095” line, there is much you can do with it especially for commercial users.

On the other hand, line reloading is simple as it comes with 0.095 pre-cut lines and you can feed them into the side slots and adjust the bump knob until it fits in. Most importantly, you don’t need to struggle with bumping or winding the string.

We like that it is quite affordable and once you fix the line, it may take some time before the next reloading. 


  • Easy reloading
  • Inexpensive
  • Fits on most gas trimmers
  • Pre-cut lines


  • Costly than auto-feed and bump feed

2. Oregon 55-191 Fixed Line Trimmer Head

From Oregon, this fixed line trimmer head works with heavy-duty gauge lines from .130, .155, and .095. It also accommodates .080” line and .085” line for commercial trimming. The head is a die-cast aluminum quality so that it does not easily wear out.

On the other hand, .155 lines work best on straight shaft trimmers with an engine capacity of 31cc and above. Replacing the line is easy as the OEM quality is a 16” .130 that you can easily fit through the eyelets.

Assembly is also simple, as you only need to mount the adaptor and the blade bolts to hold it in place. If you have to tackle bushy and thick weeds in your garden, this is a great option for you and other proficient gardeners.


  • Medium to heavy-duty trimmer lines
  • Durable aluminum trimmer head
  • Uniform cuts with speed
  • Easy assembly and installation


  • Tedious to thread in heavy-gauge line

3. Echo Heavy Duty Fixed Line Trimmer Head

This heavy-duty trimmer head is a direct product of Echo manufacturers and is a great fit for most SRM and Echo line trimmers. The body of the trimmer head is made of cast aluminum with manual line feeding.

Besides, brush cutter systems with a capacity of 31cc and above should handle the weight of this head. Although it runs perfectly on most heavy-duty weed eaters, it works better with steel and brush blades for weeds.

We like that the trimmer head is durable and is compatible with most trimmers. And for the price, you can adjust to this powerful trimmer head in line with any of the above trimmers.


  • Heavy cast aluminum trimmer head
  • Simple manual string feeding
  • Compatible with most trimmers
  • Can work with steel and brush blades


  • Avoid areas with distractions due to line breakage

4. Tecomec Universal Mount Fixed Line Trimmer Head

This is a powerful trimmer head that operates on .065” string to .130”. Most users appreciate that it’s a great replacement for trimmer heads on Stihl, Ryobi, Husqvarna, and other auto-feed trimmers.  It is top-rated for its performance and ease of maneuver even in thick weeds.

What’s more, the 12” long squared line of .130” diameter provides clear cuts and makes it a favorite for most landscapers. Besides, the large trimmer head provides enough surfaces to deal with weeds and turf vegetation.

We like that reloading the fixed-line and clamping is simple and you don’t have to consume much time. moreover, it has simple installation and maintenance procedures for any line of trimmers.


  • Simple setup
  • Versatile for most auto-feed systems
  • Easy line loading
  • Uniform and speedy cuts


  • The four lines may slow down your trimmer

5. Ryobi Fixed-Line and Bladed String Trimmer Replacement Head

You will find that this head has both options of serrated blades and a fixed line. You can therefore switch depending on the condition of vegetation.

The fixed-line is easy to reload with no tools. The combination of blades and line makes this tool unique to all Ryobi automatic feed trimmers. The perfect fixed-line gauge for this trimmer head is .065”.

Although the tool provides lots of versatility, avoid rocky areas, fences and hedges as you may break the blades. It is, however, a great tool for thick and lush grass lawns.


  • Simple line fixing
  • Have both serrated blades and lines
  • Automatic switch to blades or line
  • Straight assembly procedures for the trimmer head


  • Distractions may break the blades

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How to Choose the Perfect Fixed Line Trimmer Head – Buyer’s Guide

Most home gardeners prefer simple tools that they can use for trimming around sidewalks, front and back yards. However, business entities and landscaping companies prefer stable and high-performing trimmers to cover larger areas.

Either way, you should consider the following aspects of your fixed trimmer tools.

1. Compatibility

A heavy-duty trimmer head should match the voltage of your tool. It should also be equivalent to the line diameter of your trimmer. For similar trimmer models, ensure that installation and assembly points are the same. For instance, trimmer heads with straight shafts should match from one model to the next.

2. Size of the Trimmer Head

You don’t need a medium or large trimmer head if you work around your lawn occasionally. The heavy gauge trimmer heads are mostly suitable for weedy gardens or commercial purposes. A smaller head can accommodate the basic line gauges of .065 -.080”.

Professionals may prefer a larger size trimmer head to step up on performance and efficiency of cuts. It is also for business reasons.

3. Cost-Effective

Bump feed and automatic feed trimmer heads are cheaper. This is because of the kind of line they use and the power needs of the trimmer. Fixed-line trimmer heads are mostly for medium to heavy-duty functions.

However, small-medium size trimmer heads are less costly. They function in gas trimmers and brush cutters, compared to the few in portable string trimmers.

4. Method of line feeding

Whether single or dual systems, check that you can fix the lines according to the manufacturer’s guide. Some thick line gauges may take time to thread in. Ensure that you follow the direction of the arrow and confirm that the line system works on your trimmer head.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fixed Line Trimmer Head: FAQs

We respond to questions of concern about fixed line trimmer heads and we hope that this knowledge gives you confidence on how to deal with your trimmer tools. Have a look.

Are string trimmer heads universal?

String trimmer heads are so common that you cannot compare them with steel blade lines or brush cutters. They cover more than 80% of all trimmers, so they are universal.

Does it matter what size trimmer line?

Trimmer lines determine how fast and efficient your trimmer can be. Depending on the shape and size, you can have a difference in the quality of cuts and runtime of your tool. You need a thicker line if you should tackle underbrush and woody gardens.

Are trimmer spools interchangeable?

Similar models can share trimmer spools. For instance, the Ego trimmer should have similar spools to the Greenworks trimmer.

Which Is Best – Our Final Verdict

Our best pick is Ryobi AC04141B Universal Fixed Line Trimmer Head. It has an easy line reload and you don’t have to worry about bumping or winding. On the other hand, the .095 diameter is versatile and high-performing so that you can tackle any serious weed trimming.

Lastly, the 20 pieces of 16” trimmer lines package should last for several sessions before your next buy. Otherwise, the trimmer head is compatible with several gas trimmers because of its durability.


If you have not achieved results with your current trimmer head, the issue may be beyond line problems. This is true especially if you are using high-quality trimmer lines yet you are not satisfied with the quality of trimming. Check out our list of the best fixed line trimmer head for almost any model.  They are steady and will reduce the chances of replacing lines too soon.