7 Best Trimmer Line for Edging to Buy in 2022 – Review with Buying Guide

If you love a properly landscaped lawn or garden, then you probably know how tedious it can be to maintain it. The good news is that with the right string trimmer for the job, things should not be very hard for you.

A string trimmer makes it easy to get rid of weeds and cut grass quickly. But no matter what type of trimmer you have, you need a high-quality trimmer line.

Currently, there are so many trimmer lines in the market available to choose from. However, they tend to differ in terms of:

  • Durability
  • Size and shape
  • Efficiency of cutting grass

So, in this guide, we will review some of the best trimmer line for edging. We hope you find the guide helpful.

Comparison Table of Top 7 String Trimmer Lines for Edging

With the right trimmer line for edging, maintaining your lawn or yard should be hassle-free. And here are some of the best-rated trimmer lines for edging and their features compared.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line by OregonOregon3.1 pounds
2MAXPOWER Round .065″ Trimmer LineMAXPOWER5.63 pounds
3High efficiency string trimmer line .095″ by HusqvarnaHusqvarna10.6 ounces
4A ANLEOLIFE Orange Color 5-Pound Commercial Square .095A ANLEOLIFE4.2 ounces
5Desert Extrusion Blue Color Cyclone .065″ Commercial Trimmer LineCyclone9.1 ounces
6Rotary Item Vortex Trimmer Line .095″Rotary4.58 pounds
730 Feet, Black Color Replacement Spool, Trimmer String LineBenair5.3 ounces

Best Trimmer Line for Edging in Review

Now that you know how we arrived at this list of best trimmer lines, let’s check out the top products in detail.

1. Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line for Edging

Oregon is a well-known brand for gardening appliances. When it comes to this trimmer line, it is 0.095 inches in diameter and 685 feet long. This, therefore, makes it ideal for light commercial jobs like cutting heavier weeds.

As if that’s not enough, you will be pleased to know that the line comes in three shapes to choose from. These include round, square, and supertwist.

More importantly, this string trimmer is equipped with a high-strength inner core as well as an outer core. The inner core is designed to resists breakage, which ensures the string lasts longer while the outer core prevents welding.


  • Made from durable dual polymer
  • Offers superior-cutting performance
  • Compatible with many trimmer models
  • Better impact resistance for heavy-duty jobs


  • Not easy to wind and feed on the trimmer

2. MAXPOWER 333865 Round Trimmer Line for Edging

Here is yet another high-quality trimmer line that is best suited for edging. The line measures 0.065 inches in diameter and 3000 feet in length. As such, you can expect the line to last long, which ensures less time is spent on winding spools.

Additionally, for maximum durability and superior cutting performance, the line is constructed from nylon components. This, therefore, explains why it comes at an economical price.

Further, you will be happy to know that this weed eater line is available in a round shape. Therefore, it is highly resistant to abrasion, especially around hard cutting conditions.


  • Offers approximately 150 refills
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to dispense for an auto-feed trimmer
  • Strong and extremely durable


  • Not easy to dispense from the spool
  • May break easily if used on thicker weeds

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3. Husqvarna .095-Inch Titanium Force High Efficiency String Trimmer Line for Edging

This is a commercial-grade trimmer line that is designed to produce professional-quality results. The line boasts copolymer construction hence make it both sturdy and durable.

On top of that, it features a patented design that is primarily based on cutting-edge technology. This design ensures better performance, longer life, and faster acceleration.

Featuring 0.095 inches in diameter and 140 feet in length, the line can fit all standard string trimmer heads. The thickness of the line, however, makes it ideal for only trimming grass or for light-duty applications.


  • Package includes free line cutter
  • Reduces noise by at least 50%
  • Boasts high-cutting efficiency
  • The round design offers cleaner cuts


  • Does not offer a sharp straight cut
  • Not durable on solid surfaces like rocks

4. A ANLEOLIFE Commercial Square String Trimmer Line

Looking for the best multi-sided trimmer line for edging? If yes, this product is worth considering. Thanks to its unique design, the string can slice through both thicker and heavier vegetation quickly and efficiently.

But you know what the best part is? Well, the trimmer line is constructed from durable nylon 66 copolymer along with plasticized materials. This helps ensure superior impact power and strength when trimming your lawn.

On top of that, the line boasts sharper edges that can cut almost anything. More so, it is flexible enough so you don’t have to worry that it could shatter as most wire-reinforced lines do.


  • Easy to roll back on the spool
  • Robust and efficient
  • Comes with extra cutting tools
  • Exceptional quality for the listed price


  • A little brittle
  • Does not work with auto-feed trimmers

5. Desert Extrusion Cyclone CY065D1/2 Weed Eater String for Edging

If you have an extensive lawn or are looking for a professional-grade trimmer line, this product might fit your budget. The line comes in a 600-foot package and is .065-inches in diameter. This means it can provide you with enough lines to trim edges for a long time.

What’s more? The string is constructed from a proprietary and commercial-grade copolymer nylon formulation. This helps ensure exceptional strength, durability, cutting power.

More importantly, it is equipped with a patented 6-blade shape to ensure maximum cutting efficiency. As such, this line is best suited for landscaping professionals.


  • Longer lasting cutting
  • Compatible with multiple trimmer brands
  • Tangle-free design for clean cuts
  • Best for commercial use


  • Melts and welds easily
  • Not much stronger than a regular line

6. Rotary 12179 Vortex Trimmer Line for Edging

This is yet another premium quality trimmer line that is best suited for edging. Featuring a diameter of 0.095inches, the line is compatible with most string trimmers. The best part is that it is easy to wind on the trimmer.

Further, the Rotary Item 12179 Trimmer Line comes in a 5 lb spool pack, with 1140 feet long string in every spool. So, we can say that the line is long enough for both residential and commercial use.

Lastly, you will be pleased to learn that the string is designed to provide superior strength and power. As such, it can cut through all types of grass and weeds with ease.


  • Cuts clean through fairly thick weeds
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Competitively priced
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic


  • Tends to melt in the feeder

7. Benair AF-100 Replacement Trimmer String

Lastly, we’ve got this Benair AF-100 Replacement Trimmer String that is compatible with most Black + Decker trimmers. But what really stands out about the line is its easy and straightforward installation.

What’s more, the string is professionally made using premium nylon materials for maximum reliability and durability. Consequently, it can cut through the toughest grass and weeds efficiently and with ease.

The best part about the trimmer line is that it comes in a three-spool pack. And each spool contains 30 feet long string. Besides, the line is factory wound to ensure a superior feed.


  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use and install
  • Fits perfectly and feeds with no issues


  • Not ideal for heavy and thick weeds
  • It’s not completely tangle-free

Buying Guide – What Aspects to Consider Before Buying the Perfect Trimmer Line for Edging

There are so many fancy trimmer lines out there with various sides and different shapes. However, some of these will hardly get the job done efficiently. So, how do you tell which is the right line for the job?

Well, there are several things to consider when shopping for a trimmer line for edging. Some of the most essential ones include:

Trimmer Line Styles & Shapes

The first thing you should ask yourself is, what trimmer line shape do you need? You see, the weed eater line for edging comes in various shapes to choose from. These include:

1. Round

This is the most common of the five different trimmer line shapes. It is best suited for handling day-to-day jobs in a residential area.

Compared to other lines, this type is easy to replace and even feed through. On the flip side, though, round lines are not strong enough to handle heavy-duty jobs.

2. Twisted

As the name suggests, this type of line is intensely twisted to a solid shape. As such, it is much stronger compared to a standard round trimmer line.

The twisting design also helps reduce noise levels and trimmer vibrations. Also, twisted lines tend to hold up well with hard impact from solid surfaces.

3. Square

A square trimmer line, on the other hand, is best suited for cutting extremely thick weeds and grass. This is thanks to its multiple sides and larger diameter.

So, if you want to clear weeds or grass in an area full of rocks, this the best line to use. This is because it does not weld.

4. Multi-Sided

This type of line is ideal for cutting huge yards or thick weeds. As the name suggests, a multi-sided line comes with multiple shapes, including star, pentagon, and square.

The many sides allow the string to slice through thick grass faster and more efficiently. However, it breaks easily if it hits the sidewalk or large rocks.

5. Serrated

A serrated trimmer line is equipped with edges all around, which act as teeth when trimming weeds or grass. The teeth are designed to produce a clean and neat trim.

On the flip side, though, they are also prone to breaking. But if you are looking for the best string replacement for commercial use, it is worth considering.

What are the Different Materials?

Different weed eater string for edging is made from various materials. However, there are 3 common materials used including nylon, titanium, and plastic.


Basic weed eater line for edging is constructed from hardened monofilament nylon. This is because nylon is affordable and strong. Also, nylon trimmer lines quite flexible and don’t snap too easily even when they hit hard surfaces.


The titanium trimmer line is the best string trimmer line for edging. This type of material also features quieter performance, faster acceleration, and minimal fuel consumption. However, they are a little pricey.


There are also plastic lines, which are the cheapest option available. However, they are only ideal for light-duty trimming jobs in residential areas.

Trimmer Line Compatibility

Another factor to consider is if the line is compatible with the trimmer on hand. Most lines are designed to fit many trimmer models and brands, including electric and gas-powered units.

However, some trimmer lines are relatively thicker than others. As such, they may not be compatible with specific trimmer models.

Diameter/Thickness of the Line

The diameter of a trimmer line is going to determine how much load it can take on. Therefore, the thicker the line, the harder the jobs it can handle and vice versa.

Basically, trimmer lines can be divided into three different categories based on their thickness levels. These include:

For Light Work

Basically, lines with 0.065 to 0.080inches in diameter are ideal for cutting through thin weeds and grass. They are, therefore, ideal for residential use.

For Medium-duty Works

For medium-leveled jobs, you are going to need a trimmer line with a diameter of .085 to .105 inches. This type of line can handle heavier grass and weeds in a larger garden.

For Heavy-duty Works

For heavy-duty work, you should opt for trimmer lines with a minimum diameter of .110 inches. This type of line can cut through dangerously wild weeds.

Ease of Installation

Also, worth considering is the ease of installation of the best trimmer line for edging.  Some string trimmers come already pre-cut while others spooled.

Generally, pre-cut lines come already sized for every wind. This allows you to easily pull it out and feed through the weed eater. However, pre-cut lines require you to keep refilling the trimmer more often.

Spool trimmer lines, on the other hand, are the most convenient to install. This is because they come pre-installed. Therefore, you don’t have to about refills.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weed Eater Strings for Edging: FAQs

Before we conclude, we’re going to take a look at some of the commonly asked questions about trimmer lines for edging.

What shape trimmer line is the best?

Different shape trimmer lines are best suited for different trimming tasks. For instance, multi-sided lines are ideal for cutting heavy weeds and thick grass.

Is a thicker trimmer line better for edging?

Well, a larger diameter results in increased power and efficiency of the line. It also ensures less wear-out and breakage.

Does the trimmer line for edging get brittle with age?

During winter, trimmer lines can age and become brittle or dry if not stored properly. The good news is that the dry trimmer line can be submerged in water to improve its performance.

Which is Our Top Pick?

The Oregon 22-895 Magnum Trimmer Line is the overall best replacement trimmer line for edging. This is because it boasts high cutting efficiency and fits most popular trimmer models.


A trimmer line is by far, the most essential part of your string trimmer. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to invest in nothing but the best trimmer line for edging.